Life in Italy
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It’s a Pizza Party

Photo stolen/downloaded from Francesca’s FB page. If you are a lucky soul and can read Italian, check out her blog.

Amongst our class of of 24 gastronomes-to-be, we have a few bakers. Francesca is one of them and she was crazy/gracious enough to prepare enough portions of dough to go around and then invite us into her charming attic-esque apartment for some DIY pizza. I myself composed quite a delicious arugula/red onion/feta one atop some perfect multigrain crust baked with rosemary. There are no photos of that because I ate it in about 2 seconds.

Is it just me or do I write a lot about pizza on this blog…?

Anyways, this lovely gathering reminded me of quite a few pizza parties back home…where I will be in one week for holiday vacation. Not really sure how one month has passed already since I arrived in Bra.

Last night we went indoor oven style, but I definitely soaked up my fair share of vitamin D outside at school while waiting for the bus. In fact, I pretty much sat and stared at the sun for about an hour because it has been such a rare occurrence lately.


We had a brave soul in the mix who went for an untraditional pear and balsamic pizza. He got quite a mixed bag of reviews but I did let him know that once upon a time I had seen a peach pie and that indeed he was onto something with the sweet/savory combo.


Looking forward to seeing these lovely ladies soon.


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