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Memorable Meals of 2014

A gelato selfie seemed appropriate for this year-end post.

Well, it was a delicious year. Quite eventful too, if I do say so myself. I graduated from college and said goodbye to Vermont for now. I returned to that crazy continent dear to my heart called South America. I ran around San Francisco for the summer and called a lot of people who make pickles.

And then I headed to Italy to begin a new adventure, one filled with good food, new friends and more questions than answers. But that’s ok. Now that I’ve dipped my toe into the world of good, clean and fair, I’m ready to dive in.

Here’s to 2015 with a look back at some bites and sips that are still on my mind. There are 27 because…there are 27.

1. Lamb tagine (the classic) / Le Tobsil (Marrakesh, Morocco)
2. Arepas and mango juice (carbs and sugar, what else do you need in life?) / On the street (Cartagena, Colombia)
3. Wine and cheese (consumed post-graduation) / Vergennes Laundry (Vergennes, Vermont)
4. Double chocolate cookie (the 3 PM slump cure) / Greens to Go (San Francisco)
5. Zucchini olive oil cake (22nd birthday cake) / Flour + Water (San Francisco)
6. Diavola (spicy salami) pizza (my new love) / Gennaro Esposito (Bra, Italy)
7. Lukumades (fried dough balls covered in honey) / Lukumades (Athens, Greece)
8. A bowl of pluots and grapes (seriously) / Chez Panisse Café (Berkeley, California)
9. Scotty Too Hotty pizza (spicy meat, are you surprised?) / Oak + Rye (Los Gatos, California)
10. Pane calabrese (addictive bread) / “The place in Piazza Roma” (Bra, Italy)
11. Bowl of Soul (farro + fish + love in a broth) / The Basin (Saratoga, California)
12. “The most San Francisco hot dog ever” (a flatbread was involved) / AT&T Park (San Francisco)
13. Butternut squash and speck pizza (worth 1000 words) / La Bicyclette (Carmel, California)
14. Dirt Worshipping Tree Hugger Veggie Burger (remember when I was vegetarian…?) / Bar Antidote (Vergennes, Vermont)
15. California Quinoa Salad (edamame, pineapple…you get the idea) / Whole Foods Market
16. Cacio e pepe (pasta, cheese and pepper served in a skillet, potholder included) / Rome, Italy
17. Caipirinha (on the beach, duh) / Recife, Brazil
18. Shanghai soup dumplings (with an instruction card on how not to die) / CHINO (San Francisco)
19. Mint tea (couldn’t get enough of that stuff) / Everywhere in Morocco
20. Goat cheese with quince chutney (I have VT to blame for my goat cheese addiction) / Toro (NYC)
21. Tropical sandwich (fruit on a baguette!) / Le Sandwicherie (South Beach, Miami)
22. Avocado toast with radish (yep) / Big Sur Bakery (Big Sur, California)
23. Kale and artichoke salad (consumed on the picnic tables, of course) / Middlebury Natural Foods Co Op (Middlebury, Vermont)
24. Vin bruleè (my first encounter with hot red wine) / Torino Street Food Festival (Turin, Italy)
24. “The Best Damn Cheeseburger” (it lived up to the name) / 4505 Meats at Outside Lands (San Francisco)
25. Surprise thank you chocolate skulls (from a Good Food Awards Finalist) / Nathan Miller Chocolate (San Francisco via Pennsylvania)
26. Sausage pretzel dog with homemade mustard (I surprised myself with this one) / Biergarten (San Francisco)
27. Apple candy cap mushroom pie with celery root ice cream (consumed yesterday, an appropriate end to the year)/ Verbena (San Francisco)

Happy eating!

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