Life in Italy
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Sunday Funday

Activating my Vitamin D stores with my dear friend Urmila. Not pictured: Brazilian music and the chefs debating the optimal hammock hanging height.

Today has been quite the day. First of all, the thermometer hit 10 degrees! (Celsius, obviously.) That meant the North Face jacket could stay in the closet as I walked down to the Gastronomic Society, a Middlebury-esque social house of sorts where currently only 2 individuals live, but are both very interested in hosting food-related events. Last week I went to a taco/cerveza night and today I went for brunch.

We arrived quite early (still not sure where the Italian threshold for lateness is) and decided to move our table outside while we enjoyed our fruit salad and cappuccinos because, perche no?


After a little bit/a lot a bit of sunshine and some conversation about our plans for the rest of the day, I set out for an adventure on foot.

A little selfie never hurt anybody.


I walked for about 3 hours along muddy roads and driveways, under bridges and along vineyards to a town called Macellai (I think?). I was only minorly chased by a few dogs and at one point encountered 4 men on horses just chatting in the middle of the street like everything was normal and dandy.

I’ve got my headphones in because I busted through 3 episodes of Serial, the crime thriller spinoff from This American Life that was all the rage back in the US of A during my Christmas break.

So. It was a delicious day, an active day and a thoughtful day. A chance to think about how the first month of the year began and where I want the next to go.

Happy Sunday.

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