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Revisiting Vermont

I can’t prove this scientifically, but I think the sky is bluer in Vermont.

It’s been almost a year and a half since I said goodbye to Middlebury College and the Green Mountain State. After three years of nerding out on Latin American politics, embracing as much of the outdoors-y-ness within me as there was to embrace, and surviving two especially long, tough winters (hey, I’m from California), I was ready to head out into the world to go DO stuff. (Interestingly enough, not even a month later, I decided to enroll in a Master’s program.)

I’ve been on the go almost nonstop since that moment, living out of two suitcases (that I sometimes affectionately refer to as “Big Red,” depending on how many floors of stairs I have to carry them up) in San Francisco, Northern Italy, and New York. Honestly, I haven’t really stopped to think about life back at Middlebury very often. Until I returned for Homecoming a few weekends ago.

There was no big Homecoming Ball, no big alumni to-do. It was more of an opportunity to take long car rides with one of my closest friends and reflect on the past as we zoomed by the changing leaves, drifting in and out of our private and shared memories. It was an opportunity to walk in through those steamy doors at Vergennes Laundry again and savor every last bit of that crumbly buckwheat cake.

It was an opportunity to miss things I hadn’t even realized I missed, to be in a state somewhere in between laughing and crying for about 36 hours, while the weather shifted from freezing to raining to gorgeous to snowing (not kidding).

It was unexpectedly intense, reliving all those memories that have been crammed in an unvisited corner of my mind for a while, even things as small as walking down the hill from the dining hall to the library with a backpack full of books and a mug full of coffee.

Here are some images from those few days back up north, where I left a little bit of my heart for the next time I return.

IMG_3152 IMG_3210

IMG_3158 IMG_3166 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3173 IMG_3191 IMG_3193    IMG_3211

Places of Interest near Middlebury, VT
Vergennes Laundry (row 1, left)
(row 2, right)
The Vermont Book Shop (row 3, left)
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-Op (row 3, right)
3 Squares Cafe (row 4, right)

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