New York City
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On the Go, NYC Style

If you haven’t heard of/ demolished the first season of Master of None on Netflix, the weekend can’t come soon enough.

The past few weeks of job searching/ freelancing/ networking have just flown by. Luckily I managed to squeeze in a few days back in Tahoe with my parents to celebrate T Day and prance around in the (abundant) snow in my first foray into snowshoeing.


Back in Manhattan to pursue a few leads, I’ve been exploring the Lower East Side quite a bit lately. For a while, I was staying in an Airbnb in Williamsburg, and both ends of the Bridge were just teeming with possibilities–like an outpost of Black Seed Bagels and The Butcher’s Daughter, which I have on my to-try list.

Down in the LES, Aziz Ansari’s character “Dev” on Master of None does some serious romping around down there. So much so, that even the NYT Fashion & Style section did a writeup (with a map). There’s Morgenstern’s, the fancy pants ice cream place that even I was a little overwhelmed by when I visited a few months ago (and hey, I had Bi-Rite Creamery in SF as training) and then there’s El Rey Luncheonette, the Mecca of all things vaguely vegan and Mediterranean. (Not in the LES, but perhaps even more delicious and along the same lines, I would highly highly recommend a tiny (do not fear, the falafel sandwich is not tiny) place called Taim.)

Other adventures I’ve gotten myself into lately: a dip into the big wide ocean of Christmas shopping (though, oops, I started with myself first) at the Shinola store down in Tribeca.

No, I didn’t buy a bicycle. But it’s gorgeous, right?


I also had a “treat yo self” kind of morning a few weeks ago at a customize-to-your-heart’s-content place called OatMeals, where, appropriately enough, you can choose to put whatever you like in your hot, steaming bowl of oats. Though I really can’t complain about how mild the “winter” has been here in New York (I mean, it’s December 7th and I’m still on stage 2 of the winter jacket progression), I still do appreciate a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and this one had dates and PB in it. Mmmmm.


I’ve also been staying up to date on my potential Oscar-winning films, and caught a showing of Carol (it’s a must-see–why isn’t it showing in more theatres?) at this theatre (also was a cafe, interestingly enough) down in Soho.

Well, enough recapping my weekend romps for now. Keep calm and carry on with your Monday.

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