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At “Home” Out West

Lookin’ good, ladies.

As 2015 winds down and I’m trying to find my restorative niche (hint: mine potentially involves catching up on the breakfast issue of Lucky Peach and a warm cup of soup), I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to call a certain place “home.”

Although I lived for almost 10 months in a cozy, little town in Northern Italy, it never really felt like “home.” My parents sold my childhood “home” while I was living there. And throughout my four-ish-month-long adventure in New York, I always felt somewhat adrift and frenzied. There were oodles of exciting endeavors and late afternoon/early evening weekend falafel runs to keep me going, for sure, but…something was just missing.

So a few weeks ago, I packed up my overflowing suitcase that is now beginning to fray at the edges and headed to San Francisco, where I hoped I would feel a little less anxious and a little more grounded, despite never really having lived there before.

If I could sum up 2015 for me in one word (well, that’s too hard, so more like one phrase), it would be “on-the-go.” I’ve been moving full speed ahead most of the time, planning constantly, and maybe not taking enough time to stay mindful of the present. Or maybe I have. It’s hard to know now.

If there’s something I’m hoping for in the new year, it is to start to create a “home” for myself somewhere. I had a wonderful conversation with my acupuncturist before I left New York about creating a “home” within and with myself, which I understand, but I’m talking about geography here. That somewhere might be in San Francisco, it might be a little farther north or south, but I feel that it’s in the western part of these United States. I’ve drifted eastward over the past few years, and have never quite had the same intensity of sensation that I do now–that I want/need to be near the big ol’ Pacific. Some exciting projects are on the horizon–stay tuned.

Until then, I’m taking some time to catch up on reading (including this delightful Wildsam guide that I’ve had my eye on forever), think about my priorities with the Good Food Jobs Holiday Challenge, and drink some bubbly, fermented things (especially the Tilted Shed Graviva cider).


Scene from a 24-hour escape to Healdsburg SHED: a seat at the Fermentation Bar, where I camped out for a few hours and tried some shrubs, shims (a low-proof cocktail), cider, and beer.


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