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On My Addiction to Print Media

I admit, I got a little bit nostalgic when I snapped this picture on the Williamsburg Bridge.

Since I moved to Healdsburg a few months ago (well, that clock keeps on ticking, I’ve been here 1/3 of a year somehow, already), I’ve been super content with my small town, restful vibes. I have jazzed to my heart’s content on the Plaza on Tuesday nights and kept the Fitbit active with hikes around Sonoma County. Hooray.

So when I went to New York about a month ago for Food Book Fair, I was a bit nervous/excited to break out of my balanced little bubble and re-enter the chaos that is that city. Still, it was for a good cause. I brought a rolling carry on suitcase about 1/3 full because I was planning on returning with lots (I mean, lots) of printed material.

Turns out, my worries were unfounded, because I had yes, a very busy, but also highly positive and exciting few days in Brooklyn (I didn’t even make it to Manhattan, oops) for me both personally, and also professionally (I was there to scout books for SHED, after all.)

Happy to report I got back on my Airbnb-scoping game and stayed in the cutest/nicest/most everything place in a great location in a great building with great hosts. Can you tell I was uber pleased?


So, Food Book Fair, or FBF, fondly. It was a bit of a different set-up for a conference, involving one day of panel discussions, a bonanza of a food magazine show off/trade show (I have no pictures because it was so crowded I could barely breathe), spritz/pizza time, a courtyard with books for purchase and for signing curated by Kitchen Arts and Letters, and then a full of day of workshops the next day.


This picture just makes me salivate. Nuff said.


In the Food and Fiction panel, I picked up a recommendation for a beachy/foodie summer read and laughed my you-know-what off whenever this woman spoke. In the recipe development workshop, I swooned when I found out this charming/kick-ass woman was a fellow UNISG graduate.

And here’s the haul I brought back to the Left Coast.


On the workshop day, I first snuck in a walking tour of Greenpoint. Some highlights included Word Bookstore, where I took lots of pictures like this to remember books to investigate at a later date (by this time, my carry on was feeling pretty full).


In the afternoon, I attended this wonderfully collaborative and original cocktail making workshop, inspired by the presence of aromatic herbs gathered by one Annie Novak. Never have I ever been to a class arranged such as this one.

My final product ended up not to be quite so tasty, but I loved the experience of just tinkering with the different ingredients and bottles and fancy cocktail equipment laid out for us and being inspired by the classical music blasting in the background and this view from the top of the Wythe Hotel.



It was a whirlwind visit that confirmed by feeling that I do indeed heart New York, in small doses, especially when I bite off a little bit of it to chew. I roamed Williamsburg, content to savor my pre-flight breakfast at egg, peruse the the magazine and plant selection at Homecoming, and looked forward to my return to my charming little home of HBG.

I will always have those travel-yearn-y vibes, or wanderlust if you will, lurking within, but for now, they’re just whispering every once in awhile, rather than calling out so strongly for me to move about as they did back in 2015.

I’ve got a visit to Santa Barbara on the horizon for next weekend and some Tahoe adventures scheduled for the summer, but for now, you can find me fielding questions from curious neighbors on my front porch, or you know, chatting with the kids on a Future Farmers of America float parked out front.







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