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Thoughts on the Supermoon

Living in a quiet place with almost no light pollution, I have been introduced to, and come to savor, night walks.

Occasionally with the iPhone flashlight guiding my way, but most times not, night walks are a time for learning a thing or two or three about what lies up above from a thoughtful, knowledgeable companion, and an invitation to a walking meditation.

I have never kept track of the moon as intently as I have this year. I’ve noticed its position in relation to my home, to the river, to the mountains, to my moving car, to my physical self, to my spiritual self…

The blood moon of last fall while I was rushing around and hardly ever breathing in New York was a passing elevator conversation that I hardly recall. The supermoon of the last few nights was not.

I just came from a yoga class where the instructor concluded by offering up that the supermoon is associated with feelings of gratitude and abundance. Gratitude for our selves and accepting that we are enough. Gratitude for feeling supported by and supportive of those who you love. Gratitude for blankets and hot water and good health.

I have so much to be grateful for, and a continuing opportunity to recognize these feelings with Thanksgiving on the horizon. Quiet mornings looking at a still lake. Fading Sunday afternoons in a park with a friend with the laughter of birthday parties in the distance and the cool fog rolling back in. A bundle of sage to clear the air in a time of transition and growth. Feeling like part of a hard-working team whose collective efforts are starting to pay off. New friends. Old friends. The oldest of friends. Friends far away. Friends right here.

Standing atop Lake Sonoma a few nights ago, all the dips and peaks and swirls of this beautiful valley that I call home were illuminated by the light of the moon. I didn’t take a long exposure photograph, but those thoughts and feelings will stay with me for a long time.

I feel gratitude. I feel abundant.

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