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Love is Everywhere

At work lately, we’ve started each month of online communication with a newsletter that we affectionately call a “mood blast,” sharing inspiration from inside our studio in Healdsburg. It’s a way for us to sell product, sure, but also write about these items in a thoughtful (and sometimes whimsical!) way.

One of the images that we featured in early February was the print “Love is Everywhere: Look for It” from the artist Susan O’Malley. She passed away in 2015, but her bio suggests her legacy will live on through her work, “Ultimately O’Malley’s projects aspire to inspire hope, optimism and a sense of interconnectedness in our lives.”

Hope? Optimism? Interconnectedness? I could hardly think of a better time to reinforce and practice those values than this day, in this year, and in this political climate.

At the end of last year, I found my emotional, physical, and spiritual selves utterly depleted. The afterburners just weren’t firing anymore. For several months I felt myself completely disengaged with my surroundings, in a black hole of sorts, as I prioritized self-love above all else. At the time, I didn’t feel hopeful, optimistic, or connected.

Yet here I am, a few months later, after many nights of deep, nourishing sleep, Sundays stirring soup on the stove, and evenings connecting with incredibly inspiring members of the good food movement both here and abroad, and it feels like the storm has passed. (Well, at least until Thursday, when the rain starts up again!)

Today, on Valentine’s Day, as I treat myself to some pie (a gift to myself) and wine (a gift from a colleague), admire this Anatomy of Love print (a gift from my best friend), and crack open a book (a gift from my mom), I am reminded that love is everywhere. I just have to look for it.


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