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Adiós, Aliment!

Well, not really.

I’m just heading over to my website, hosted on Squarespace.

In my third year of college, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires. It was a completely liberating/transformative experience and the person who I am today is largely because of that year of complete freedom and exploration.

It was also the year when my hunger for telling stories through words and my hunger for dining out (on an advantageous exchange rate) started to intertwine.

I had a little blog, hosted on WordPress, (it was pink) where I would write about what I ate, and who I ate it with, and where I went. Pretty straightforward.

When I started a master’s program in food culture and communication, I figured that I should step up my game. Again, I landed on WordPress, though I felt my images weren’t very strong (I’m always telling myself someday, someday, I’ll learn how to use that DSLR that’s sitting in a drawer in my living room) to stand up to my text, which is really where I was putting all my effort. I searched and searched and searched for a theme that suited what I was trying to do, but never felt that it was quite…right.

A few nights ago I decided to re-dedicate myself to my writing. Just for me, not for anyone else. But this is not the right place for it. I want to focus on the words, and not stress over which iPhone photo is the best of the worst.

So, I’m moving Aliment, this place where I muse about what nourishes me, physically and emotionally, over to my “professional” website on Squarespace, so all my writing can be in one place, and where I can focus on the here and now. Looking through old posts on this blog, it’s all very tied to my time living in Italy, which, although is still a part of me, isn’t what I’m focused on right now. I want a blank slate.

This is also a chance for me to check in and consider what the word “aliment” means to me. Stay tuned for that post soon.

Until then, see you over there.




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